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Capital and Currency of Singapore

Merlion is a landmark in Singapore Capital
Dashamlav | 23 January 2020 (अंतिम बदलाव: 14 May 2020)

Many people feel confused about the capital of Singapore. Well, every country has a capital city and Singapore should be no exception. So, what is the capital of Singapore? The answer is that Singapore is the capital of Singapore! Why? It’s because Singapore is one of the only three city-states in the world. Monaco and Vatican are the other two.

Merlion is a landmark in Singapore Capital

Merlion is a landmark in Singapore Capital

The second often asked question about Singapore is its official currency. The Singaporean currency is called Singapore Dollar and it is denoted as S$. The code of the currency of Singapore is SGD. One Singapore Dollar is composed on 100 cents. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is authorized to print the banknotes and coins of the Singapore dollar.

Singapore currency

Singapore currency: 50 dollar banknote

Why Singapore does not have a Capital?

This is simply because it does not need one. Singapore is a country which is just as big as a city. So, it neither has space to create a separate capital city nor there is any need of it. The entire government, economy, population etc. of this tiny beautiful country is housed within just one city named Singapore — which is designated both as a country and a capital city as well.

What Singapore is Famous for?

Singapore is a city-state with modern architecture and banking services. It is famous for its beautiful islands, Singapore Changi Airport, Merlion, Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, street food etc.

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