Science vs. Technology: What are the Differences and Examples?

Often people use the terms science and technology interchangeably. The curious ones actually ask the questions like what is the difference between science and technology? Are they the same? If not, then what distinguishes them?

Science is essentially a pursuit of knowledge through a series of systematic steps. It is a method of acquiring new knowledge and predicting outcomes. Science may take theoretical, empirical or experiment based approach but it always seeks logical explanation and evidences to prove a thought. Without evidence, nothing is considered the truth in science.

Technology is the usage of scientific knowledge in order to develop machines for making human life easier. Technology does not seek new fundamental knowledge, it rather seeks new applications of the knowledge discovered by science.

science vs technology: difference between science and technology

Difference Between Science and Technology

Following table lists some one the essential differences between science and tech:

Difference Between Science and Technology
Basis of Comparison Science Technology
Goal The goal of science is to pursue new knowledge. The goal of technology is to develop new equipment to facilitate human life.
Theoria (ends in itself) Poesis (ends in something else)
Innovation from New discoveries. New inventions.
Effect Science is always useful as it enhances knowledge base of humankind. For example, the knowledge of nuclear fusion and fission led us to know how the Sun provides us energy. Technology can both be useful and harmful. For example, nuclear power plant is useful but nuclear bomb is harmful.
Development methods Observation, experimentation Design, optimization, production
Changeability Scientific knowledge does not change (though it may get refined). Technology keeps on changing.
Deals with The study of structure and behavior of natural and physical world, to create premises. Putting scientific premises into practice.
Use To gather fundamental knowledge and to understand nature. To ease the human effort and fulfill the needs of people.
Examples Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy etc. Biotechnology, nuclear technology, nanotechnology, information technology etc.
Time perspective Long-term Relatively shorter term
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