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Major Local Winds of the World: With Map and Examples

map of local winds of the world
Dashamlav | 30 August 2020 (अंतिम बदलाव: 9 June 2021)

Local winds are influenced by the pressure and temperature variations over a localized spatial area. They are usually short-lived lasting between a few hours to a season. Sea breezes and land breezes, Anabatic and Katabatic winds, and Foehn winds are some of the prominent types of local winds. In this article, we have prepared an exhaustive of all the major local winds of the world.

Major Local Winds of the World
Name of Local Wind Nature of the Wind Region/Area
Abrolhos Violent squall Off the southeastern coast of Brazil
Alisio Easterly trade wind Caribbean
Alize Wet, northerly wind Central Africa and the Caribbean
Amihan Northeasterly wind Philippines
Autan Warm, föhn-type southeasterly wind Mediterranean Languedoc region
Barguzin Steady, strong wind Lake Baikal in Russia
Bayamo Violent wind Cuba‘s southern coast
Berg Katabatic wind South Africa
Bise Cold, northern wind France and northeastern wind in Switzerland
Böhm Cold, dry wind Central Europe
Bora Northeasterly From eastern Europe to northeastern Italy and northwestern Balkans
Brickfielder Hot and dry wind Southern Australia
Brisote Northeast trade wind when blows strongly Cuba
Brookings Effect (Chetco Effect) Off-shore wind Southwestern Oregon coast, United States
Buran (Purga) In summer- it is a hot, dry wind, whipping up sandstorms. In winter- it is bitterly cold and often accompanied by blizzards. Eastern Asia
Burle North wind which blows in the winter South-central France
Caju Stormy gale-force north-westerly Atlantic coast of Brazil
Calima Dust-laden south to south-easterly wind Saharan Air Layer across the Canary Islands


Major Local Winds of the World
Name of Local Wind Nature of the Wind Region/Area
Cape Doctor Dry south-easterly wind (in summer) South African coast
Carpinteiro Strong southeasterly wind along the southern Atlantic coast of Brazil
Cers Strong, very dry northeasterly wind Bas-Languedoc region in southern France
Chinook Warm dry westerly Off the Rocky Mountains
Cierzo ( el cordonazo de San Francisco/the Lash of St Francis) Cool north/northwesterly wind Ebro Valley in Spain
Cordonazo Southerly hurricane winds West coast of Mexico
Coromuel South to south-west wind La Paz area of the Baja California peninsula and the Gulf of California
Criva Strong, very cold north-easterly wind Moldavia, Dobruja, and the Baragan Plain parts of Romania
Diablo Hot, dry, offshore wind From the northeast in the San Francisco bay
East Asian Monsoon (known as “jangma” in Korea and “tsuyu” in Japan) A monsoonal flow that carries moist air From the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean to East Asia.
Elephanta Strong southerly or southeasterly wind on the Malabar coast of India
Etesian Northerly across Greece and Turkey
Euroclydon Cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind Mediterranean
Föhn or foehn Warm, dry, southerly wind Northern side of the Alps and North Italy. The name gave rise to the fén-feng ‘burning wind’ of Taiwan.
Fremantle Doctor Afternoon sea breeze during summer From the Indian Ocean which cools Perth, Western Australia
Garua, la garúa, or garoa Dry winds Hits the lower western slopes of the Andes
Ghibli Hot dry southeasterly wind Libya
Gilavar South wind Absheron Peninsula of the Azerbaijan Republic
Gregale Northeasterly Greece
Habagat Southwesterly wind across the Philippines
Halny Foehn type of wind Northern Carpathians
Helm North-easterly wind north-easterly wind in Cumbria, England
Kaimai Breeze Turbulent wind with strong downdrafts Kaimai Range

map of local winds of the world

Major Local Winds of the World
Name of Local Wind Nature of the Wind Region/Area
Kalbaishakhi Local rainfall and thunderstorm India and Bangladesh
Kali Andhi or simply Andhi Violent dust squalls that occur before monsoon Northwestern parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain region of the Indian Subcontinent
Karakaze Strong cold mountain wind from Gunma Prefecture in Japan
Khamsin Hot dry southeasterly wind Egypt
Khazri Cold, coastal gale-force wind North Caspian Sea
Kona Southeast wind (replacing trade winds, bringing high humidity and often rain) Hawaii
Košava Strong and cold southeasterly season wind Serbia
Les Suêtes High-speed southeasterly winds Western Cape Breton Highlands
Leste Hot, dry easterly wind Madeira and Canary Islands
Leveche Warm southwest wind Parts of coastal Mediterranean Spain)
Libeccio Southwesterly Italy
Llevantades North-north-east and east-north-east East coast of Spain
Lodos Southwesterly (It occurs 6 – 7 times a year bringing 35 kt winds into Marmara Sea. The winds are funneled SE from the Mediterranean and through the Dardanelles Strait.) Turkey
Loo Hot wind Plains of India and Pakistan.
Maestro Cold northerly Adriatic sea
Mango showers Accompanied by thunderstorm bringing rainfall during months of March and April. Southern India
Marin South-easterly From Mediterranean to France
Meltemi Etesian northerly Greece, Turkey, and Aegean sea
Minuano Cold southwesterly wind Southern Brazil
Mistral Cold northerly From central France and the Alps to Mediterranean
N’aschi Northeastern wind Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, and on the Makran coast
Nigeq Strong wind From the east in Greenland


Major Local Winds of the World
Name of Local Wind Nature of the Wind Region/Area
Nordés North-eastern wind Galicia
Nor’easter Strong storm with winds From the northeast on the north eastern coast of the United States particularly New England states and the east coast of Canada Atlantic Canada
Norte Strong cold northeasterly wind Mexico
Oroshi Strong katabatic wind Kanto Plain
Ostro Southerly wind Mediterranean
Pampero Very strong wind generally accompanied with a thick line of squalls, with severe rains, hail and thunderstorm From the sea over the Rio de la Plata into the Pampa.
Papagayo Periodic wind Nicaragua and Costa Rica and out over the Gulf of Papagayo
Piteraq Cold katabatic wind Greenlandic east coast
Plough Wind Straight line wind which precedes thunderstorms or thunderstorm clusters Canada
Poniente, ponente, or ponent Strong west to east wind formed by the wind tunnel effect of the Gibraltar Strait Straits of Gibraltar andnorth-western Mediterranean
Puelche Dry foehn-like eastern wind Western slope of the Andes in south-central Chile
Rashabar (Rashaba) Strong wind Kurdistan Region of Iraq, particularly in Sulaimaniya
Roaring Forties Strong westerly winds Southern Hemisphere
Santa Ana winds Dry downslope winds Affect coastal Southern California and northern Baja California
Santa Lucia winds Downslope wind Affects southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties, California
Sarma Cold strong wind at the western shore of Lake Baikal
Shamal Summer northwesterly wind Iraq and the Persian Gulf states
Sharqi seasonal dry, dusty Middle Eastern wind From the south and southeast
Simoom Strong, dry, desert wind Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the desert of Arabia
Sirocco Southerly From north Africa to southern Europe
Solano South to south-easterly wind in the southern sector of Spain
Southerly Buster Rapidly arriving low pressure cell (cold) during summer Sydney, Australia
Squamish strong, violent wind Fjords of British Columbia
Sudestada, Strong offshore wind From the Southeast associated with most of the shipwrecks in Uruguay‘s Rio de la Plata coast
Sukhovey Hot dry wind Steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts of the Kazakhstan and the Caspian region
Sundowner Strong offshore wind Off the California coast
Tehuantepecer or Tehuano wind Periodic wind Blows across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico and out over the Gulf of Tehuantepec
The Hawk Cold winter wind Chicago
Tramontane Cold northwesterly From the Pyrenees or northeasterly from the Alps to the Mediterranean
Vendavel Westerly Through the Strait of Gibraltar
Viento de Levante or Levanter Easterly Through Strait of Gibraltar
Warm Braw foehn wind Schouten Islands, north of New Guinea
Washoe Zephyr Seasonal diurnal wind Parts of western Nevada
Williwaw Strong, violent wind The Strait of Magellan, the Aleutian Islands, and the coastal fjords of Southeast Alaska
Wind of 120 days Four-month-long hot and dry wind Sistan Basin in Iran and Afghanistan
Witch of November, or November Witch Strong winds in Autumn Great Lakes in North America
Wreckhouse Strong downslope winds Long Range Mountains in south-western Newfoundland
Zonda wind Warm & dry wind Eastern slope of the Andes in Argentina
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