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List of Major Straits of the World

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Dashamlav | 31 August 2020 (अंतिम बदलाव: 10 November 2020)

A strait is a narrow passage of water between two land masses that connects two large water bodies. Straits are an integral part of shipping routes which makes them economically and strategically very important. It is commonly believed that a nation having control over a strait has control over the adjacent sea and even the shipping route. Acknowledging the importance of the strait, we have prepared a list of major straits of the world.

List of Major Straits of the World
Name of the Strait Joining Sea/Water Bodies Contiguous Landmass
Bab-el-Mandeb Red Sea — Gulf of Aden YemenDjibouti
Bass Tasman Sea — South Sea Australia
Bering Bering Sea — Chuksi Sea Alaska — Russia
Bonne-Fasio Tyrrhenian Sea — Mediterranean Sea Corsica island of France and Sardinia islands of Italy
Bosphorus Black Sea — Sea of Marmara Turkey (Divides Europe from Asia)
Cook South Pacific Ocean New Zealand (North & South Islands)
Dardenleez Marmara Sea — Agean Sea Turkey
Davis Baffin Bay — Labrador Sea GreenlandCanada
Denmark North Atlantic — Arctic Ocean Greenland — Iceland
Dover English Channel — North Sea England — France
Florida Gulf of Mexico — Atlantic Ocean USACuba
Formosa South China Sea — East China Sea ChinaTaiwan
Fovex South Pacific Ocean New Zealand (South Island — Stewart Island)
Gibraltar Mediterranean Sea — Atlantic Ocean SpainMorocco
Hormuz Gulf of Persia — Gulf of Oman OmanIran
Hudson Hudson Bay — Labrador Sea Canada (Baffin Island and Labrador peninsula)
Jamaica Channel Caribbean Sea — North Atlantic Jamaica and Hispaniola
Korea East China Sea — Sea of Japan Japan and South Korea
Magellan Pacific — South Atlantic Ocean Chile
Makkassar Java Sea — Celebeze Sea Indonesia
Malacca Pacific Ocean — Indian Ocean Malaysia and Sumatra
Mesina Mediterranean Sea Italy-Sicily
Mozambique Indian Ocean Mozambique — Malagasy
North Channel Irish Sea — Atlantic Ocean Ireland — England
Otranto Adriatic Sea — Ionian Sea Italy — Albania
Palk Bay of Bengal — Palk Bay/Arabian Sea India and Sri Lanka
Sunda Java Sea — Indian Ocean Java island of Indonesia with its Sumatra island.
Tatar Japan Sea — Okhotsk Sea Russia (East Russia-Sakhalin Islands)
Taurus Arafura Sea — Gulf of Papua Papua New Guinea — Australia
Ten Degree Channel Andaman Sea — Bay of Bengal Car Nicobar Islands& Little Andaman
Tsungaru Japan Sea — Pacific Ocean Japan (Hokkaido-Honshu Island)
Yucatan Gulf of Mexico — Caribbean Sea Mexico — Cuba
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