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World Tuna Day on 02 May 2021: Themes, Facts, History, Significance

world tuna day
Dashamlav | 1 May 2020 (अंतिम बदलाव: 9 April 2021)

World Tuna Day is observed every year on 02 May all across the world since 2017. United Nations established this day to raise awareness about the significance of tuna and tuna-like species. The world harvests nearly 7 million tonnes of tuna every year. Tuna’s economic contribution in many developing and developed nations is not just important but critical.

Why was 02 May chosen as the World Tuna Day?

Tuna has some amazing qualities. From economic development to food security and from nutritional aspects to cultural facets, the overall contribution of tuna and tuna-like species is overwhelming. Such importance has increased the demand of this species to a threatening level. Thus, it is important to raise awareness about the conservation management of tuna and tuna-like species and prevent the tuna stocks from crashing. For this  the United Nations General Assembly declared May 02 as the World Tuna Day vide an official resolution passed in December 2016.

Features of the Tuna Fish

  • Warm-blooded
  • Salt-water fish
  • Travel in huge schools
  • Usually, teams-up with dolphins for protection from sharks
  • Jump high out of the water
  • Traditional canned tuna and sashimi/sushi are two main products of this fish.
world tuna day

Importance of Tuna Fish

  • Source of Food: Tuna is an important food source in many regions across the world.
  • Nutrient-rich: It is rich in Omega-3, vitamin B12, proteins and other minerals.
  • Economical Significance: The economical significance of tuna is such that over 98 countries are involved in its conservation and management. The overall process has an annual budget of almost 10 billion USD.
  • Goal 14: The 14th Goal of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development deals with Life Below Water. Conservation and sustenance of tuna has become an important step towards complying with the Goal 14.

Legal Framework

Due to the overwhelming decline of tuna stocks and to prevent the over-fishing of tuna species around the globe, United National Legal Counsel has strongly pressed on effective Implementation of legal framework under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and its associated agreements and code of conducts.

Infofish Tuna 2021 Virtual Conference

Due to growing public health concerns related to COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the organizers have taken this important event directly to our audience by going virtual. Tuna 2021 has been transformed into a fully realized interactive online experience with easy access to the Conference and the Exhibition. Access to the Conference presentations and Exhibition will be available over a period of 30 days after the event dates.

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