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John Franklin Enders

nobel prize for medicine

Details of the Nobel Prize awarded to John Franklin Enders
Full Name
of the recipient
John Franklin Enders
AwardNobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Year of Award1954
Share in Award33.3%
Award Shared withThomas Huckle Weller (33.3%)
Frederick Chapman Robbins (33.3%)
for the Award
for their discovery of the ability of poliomyelitis viruses to grow in cultures of various types of tissue
at the Time of Award
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
Research Division of Infectious Diseases, Children Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA
Place of BirthWest Hartford, CT, United States USA
Date of Birth10 February 1897
at the time of Award
56 years
Place of DeathWaterford, CT, United States USA
Date of Death8 September 1985
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