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Surinsar-Mansar Lakes

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Surinsar-Mansar Lakes
Site NameSurinsar-Mansar Lakes
StateJammu and Kashmir
Ramsar Site Number1573
Ramsar Designation Date08 Nov 2005
Area350 hectares
CategoriesInland wetlands
Permanent freshwater lake
min / max
605 / 710
Listed in Montreux Record?No
Spans over more than one country?No
Freshwater composite lake in semi-arid Panjab Plains, adjoining the Jhelum Basin with catchment of sandy conglomeratic soil, boulders and pebbles. Surinsar is rain-fed without permanent discharge, and Mansar is primarily fed by surface run-off and partially by mineralised water through paddy fields, with inflow increasing in rainy season. The lake supports CITES and IUCN Redlisted Lissemys punctata, Aspideretes gangeticus, and Mansariella lacustris. This composite lake is high in micro nutrients for which it is an attractive habitat, breeding and nursery ground for migratory waterfowls like Fulica atra, Gallinula chloropus, Podiceps nigricollis, Aythya fuligula, and various Anas species. The site is socially and culturally very important with many temples around owing to its mythical origin from the Mahabharata period. Although the lakes support variety of fishes, fishing is discouraged for religious values.
Human intrusions & disturbance, Recreational and tourism activities, Human settlements (non agricultural), Tourism and recreation areas, Pollution, Household sewage, urban waste water, Agricultural and forestry effluents, Garbage and solid waste, Unspecified, Natural system modifications, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion
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