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Sandi Bird Sanctuary

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Sandi Bird Sanctuary
Site NameSandi Bird Sanctuary
StateUttar Pradesh
The Sanctuary is located in the Bilgram tehsil of Hardoi district in state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is just 1 Km from the Sandi town, 19 Km from city Hardoi and 129 Km from Lucknow, the state capital.
Ramsar Site Number2409
Ramsar Designation Date26 Sep 2019
Area309 hectares
CategoriesInland wetland
Permanent freshwater marsh/pool
min / max
111 / 115
Listed in Montreux Record?No
Spans over more than one country?No
Sandi Bird Sanctuary is a freshwater marsh in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The wetland is typical of the Indo-Gangetic plains and receives most of its water from monsoon rains. Rich in aquatic plants, the Site provides a productive habitat for waterfowl with over 40,000 individuals counted in 2018. It is home to over 1% of the South Asian populations of common teal (Anas crecca), red-crested pochard (Netta rufina) and ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca), while the vulnerable sarus crane (Grus antigone) has a population of 200 individuals within the Sanctuary. These figures justify its designation as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. The wetland is a popular recreational and tourism destination and supports surrounding farmers as a source of livestock fodder. Drought presents a threat; the Sanctuary dried out leading to a subsequent collapse in waterbird populations from 2014 to 2015.
Water regulation, Water abstraction, Agriculture & aquaculture, Annual and perennial non-timber crops, Human intrusions & disturbance, Recreational and tourism activities, Invasive and other problematic species and genes, Invasive non-native/ alien species, Natural system modifications, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion, Climate change & severe weather, Droughts
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