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Rudrasagar Lake

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Rudrasagar Lake
Site NameRudrasagar Lake
Ramsar Site Number1572
Ramsar Designation Date08 Nov 2005
Area240 hectares
CategoriesInland wetland
Permanent freshwater lake
min / max
7 / 16
Listed in Montreux Record?No
Spans over more than one country?No
A lowland sedimentation reservoir in the northeast hills, fed by three perennial streams discharging to the River Gomti. The lake is abundant in commercially important freshwater fishes like Botia spp, Notopterus Chitala, Mystus spp., Ompok pabda, Labeo bata, and freshwater scampi, with annual production of 26 metric-tons, and an ideal habitat for IUCN Redlisted Three-striped Roof Turtle Kachuga dhongka. Owing to high rainfall (2500mm) and downstream topography, the wetland is regularly flooded with 4-5 times annual peak, assisting in groundwater recharge. Aquatic weeds are composed of rare marginal-floating-emergent-submerged weeds. Lands are owned by the state with perennial water areas leased out to the subsistent fishermens' cooperative, and surrounding seasonal waterbodies are cultivated for paddy. Main threats are increasing silt loads due to deforestation, expansion of agricultural land and intensive farming, and land conversion for population pressure. Vijaya Dashami, one of the most important Hindu festivals with various sports events, attracts at least 50,000 tourists and devotees every year. A management plan is underway by the MoEF-India.
Natural system modifications, Unspecified/others, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion, Human settlements (non agricultural), Housing and urban areas, Biological resource use, Logging and wood harvesting, Agriculture & aquaculture, Annual and perennial non-timber crops
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