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Renuka Wetland

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Renuka Wetland
Site NameRenuka Wetland
StateHimachal Pradesh
Ramsar Site Number1571
Ramsar Designation Date08 Nov 2005
Area20 hectares
CategoriesInland wetlands
Permanent Freshwater springs
min / max
660 / 660
Listed in Montreux Record?No
Spans over more than one country?No
A natural wetland with freshwater springs and inland subterranean karst formations, fed by a small stream flowing from the lower Himalayan out to the Giri river. The lake is home to at least 443 species of fauna and 19 species of ichthyofauna representative of lacustrine ecosystems like Puntius, Labeo, Rasbora, Channa. Prominent vegetation ranges from dry deciduous like Shorea Robusta, Terminalia tomentosa, Dalbergia sissoo to hydrophytes. There are 103 species of birds of which 66 are residents, e.g. Crimson-breasted barbet, Mayna, Bulbul, Pheasants, Egrets, Herons, Mallards and Lapwing. Among ungulates Sambhar, Barking deer and Ghorals are also abundant in the area. The lake has high religious significance and is named after the mother of Hindu sage Parshuram, and is thus visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Conservation measures so far include community awareness, and prevention of silt influx from eroded slopes and 50 ha. of massive plantation in the catchment.
Natural system modifications, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion, Unspecified/others, Agriculture & aquaculture, Livestock farming and ranching, Human settlements (non agricultural), Housing and urban areas, Biological resource use, Gathering terrestrial plants, Transportation and service corridors, Roads and railroads, Geological events, Avalanches/landslides, Invasive and other problematic species and genes, Problematic native species
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