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Loktak Lake

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Loktak Lake
Site NameLoktak Lake
Ramsar Site Number463
Ramsar Designation Date23 Mar 1990
Area26600 hectares
CategoriesInland wetland
Permanent freshwater lake
Human-made wetland
Water storage area/Reservoir
min / max
0 / 0
Listed in Montreux Record?Yes
Spans over more than one country?No
A large, but shrinking freshwater lake and associated swamplands supplied by several streams. Thick, floating mats of weeds covered with soil are a characteristic feature. The lake is used extensively by local people as a source of water for irrigation and domestic use and is an important wintering and staging area for waterbirds, particularly ducks. It also plays an important role in flood control. Included on the Montreux Record in 1993 as a result of ecological problems such as deforestation in the catchment area, infestation of water hyacinth, and pollution. The construction of a dam for hydroelectric power generation and irrigation purposes has caused the local extinction of several native fish species.
Natural system modifications, Unspecified/others, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion, Invasive and other problematic species and genes, Invasive non-native/ alien species, Pollution, Unspecified
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