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Kolleru Lake

Details of the Indian Ramsar Site: Kolleru Lake
Site NameKolleru Lake
StateAndhra Pradesh
Ramsar Site Number1209
Ramsar Designation Date19 Aug 2002
Area90100 hectares
CategoriesInland wetland
Permanent freshwater lake
min / max
0 / 5
Listed in Montreux Record?No
Spans over more than one country?No
A natural eutrophic lake, situated between the two major river basins of the Godavari and the Krishna, fed by two seasonal rivers and a number of drains and channels, which functions as a natural flood balancing reservoir between the deltas of the two rivers. It provides habitat for a number of resident and migratory birds, including declining numbers of the vulnerable Grey Pelican (Pelecanus philippensis), and sustains both culture and capture fisheries, agriculture and related occupations of the people in the area. Damage and losses due to flooding in monsoon seasons and partial drying out during summers, the results of inadequate management planning and action, are seen as areas for improvement.
Natural system modifications, Unspecified/others, Dams and water management/use, Vegetation clearance/ land conversion, Agriculture & aquaculture, Annual and perennial non-timber crops, Marine and freshwater aquaculture, Water regulation, Drainage, Salinisation, Transportation and service corridors, Roads and railroads, Climate change & severe weather, Storms and flooding, Invasive and other problematic species and genes, Problematic native species
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