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Map of Lakshadweep
Details of the Indian Union Territory: Lakshadweep
Official NameLakshadweep
Administration of Lakshadweep
StatusUnion Territory
Statehood / Establishment Date
ZoneArabian Sea
(or Administrative Regions)
Government Websitelakshadweep.gov.in
Demography of Lakshadweep
Largest CitiesKavaratti
as per 2011 Census
[Decadal Growth = 6.3% (from 2001 - 2011)]
Population Density2,013 persons / km2
Official LanguagesMalayalam
Other LanguagesEnglish
Sex Ratio
as per 2011 Census
946 ♂ / 1000 ♀
Literacy Rate
as per 2011 Census
Male = 95.6% and Female = 87.9%
Geography of Lakshadweep
Total Area32 km2
Neighbouring StatesLakshadweep touches the borders of (total 1 states/UTs).
Neighbouring CountriesLakshadweep does not share its border with any other country.
International Border Length0 km
Coastal Border LengthThe total length of coast line of Lakshadweep is 132 km
State Symbols of Lakshadweep
State AnimalButterfly fish (Chaetodon decussatus)
State BirdSooty tern (Onychoprion fuscatus)
State TreeBread fruit (Artocarpus altilis)
State FlowerNeelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthiana)
Codes for Lakshadweep
ISO-3166-2-IN CodeIN-LD
Vehicle CodeLD
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